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 New Medication Disposal System for In-Home Use

Medsaway® is a new medication disposal system that allows patients, or members of their household, to safely dispose of their unwanted prescription medications.

Medsaway® makes them unusable and effectively contained, minimizing the potential for diversion or accidental exposure to children or pets. The discarded drugs are chemically deactivated, and because they remain chemically bound, become unusable and may safely be disposed in landfill where the insoluble products will not leach into groundwater.

Medsaway® is designed to help consumers comply with medication disposal recommendations provided by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.

How it works:

Medsaway's® at-source chemical neutralization system works safely to deactivate the medications by a proprietary activated carbon system. Activated carbon is used extensively in municipal water purification, and is recognized as a universal adsorbent for chemicals in solution.  It is also used in the emergency treatments of drug overdosage. 

How to Use:

A small amount of water is added to dissolve the contents; then the pouch can be disposed in household trash. Deactivation begins quickly, but takes time to complete, so the pouch should be kept out of reach of children and pets when placed in trash.

Medsaway® works with any prescription pharmaceutical product (including controlled drugs and narcotics), whether in tablet, capsule, liquid or patch form.   In the home setting, this product is recommended for use with any drugs which do not have disposal instructions.  When used in healthcare facilities, this product is not intended for RCRA listed Hazardous Wastes.

Medsaway® provides increased security in the home by safely deactivating potentially dangerous medications, and is an environmentally responsible means of disposal.

Medsaway® is a convenient alternative to incineration programs, which have been identified as potentially contributing to greenhouse gas and toxic air pollution.  


Where to Buy:

Pharmacists / Wholesalers:



Assured Pharmaceuticals  or call 704.865.7550




Apothecary Products, Inc. or call 888.770.8767






Medsaway® is also available at select Walgreens stores.